This section contains useful resources to understand, navigate and use the NeDiMAH Ontology.

Definitions & Mappings

  • NeMO Classes Definitions
  • DH Commons to NeMO Mapping
  • Oxford ICT to NeMO Mapping
  • TaDiRAH to NeMO Mapping

Use Cases

The use cases developed and presented below demonstrate the organization of information out of actual examples of scholarly work following the NeDiMAH Methods ontology. Each PDF file contains one example of research activity, namely a course, a thesis dissertation and an ethnographic fieldwork. An abstract presenting the research activity is included in every use case, along with some relevant queries that can be answered through the ontology and the graphic representation of the data.

  • NeMO guidelines and use case pdf
  • Use case Chatzidiakou 1
  • Use case Chatzidiakou 1
  • Use case Chatzidiakou 2
  • Use case Chatzidiakou 2
  • Use case Papaki
  • Use case Papaki
  • Use case Buck
  • Use case CAA2015
  • Use case Chatzimichael
  • Use case Maryl
  • Use case Mylonas
  • Use case Papadopoulos
  • Use case Suzuki & Hosoya